94-240 London Road West, Guelph

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London Lane is a community located near the intersection of London Road West and Edinburgh Road in Guelph. According to Google Maps it’s only a 4-minute car ride or a leisurely 18 minute walk to the Go Train for commuters or a similar walk to the beautiful cafes and restaurants of Carden Street and Downtown Guelph.

If you have little ones, it’s not far to either St. Joseph’s Catholic School or Central Public School, and both the catholic and public high schools are right around the corner.

This particular Unit is one of the two-bedroom options with a bedroom in the basement and features a bright sunlit kitchen and dining nook, and spectacular main bathroom upstairs that you will definitely want to check out for yourself. A fully finished basement presently serves as an extra bedroom but could easily be used as a media room, lounge, or games room.

Call Michael Bennett today to learn more about this townhouse listed for only $425,000. It’s clean, updated and a pleasure to show, so just ask, I’ll arrange a tour for you. Click here to see the Realtor.ca Listing

We Get Outside In Guelph

One of our guests stops to read an interpretive sign while Gayle Labuz of Sometimes Eventful leads an informative hike through the trails in Pine Ridge Neighbourhood.
Michael Bennett loves Guelph and it’s outdoor spaces

We’ve all heard that getting outside is important for our mental and physical fitness. Have you considered that there is another benefit to getting outside which we don’t often hear about? A stroll around our neighbourhood, a wander along urban paths or a hike on a rural trail on the outskirts of town can do wonders to strengthen your knowledge and connection to our community.

Time spent outside can take you along pathways through historical parts of our city that were (and still are) critical to giving Guelph it’s unique personality. You can also experience an almost hidden wilderness where plants and animals flourish just steps away from our busy roads, our schools and our very urban homes. 

Preservation Park is a well-known natural oasis in the city. But did you also know the south-end communities of Pineridge, Westminster Woods and Clairfields have a connected network of trails and greenways?  Known as the Westminister Woods Subdivision Wetlands, the trail system was designed to be a storm water management area and to preserve some sensitive conservation lands. These outdoor spaces provide a flourishing habitat for flora and fauna that are as much a part of the community as any of the humans and domestic pets living in the suburban neighbourhoods. The trails allow urban hikers to walk for hours, leading them around a kettle lake and through wetland and forest. Remnants of pioneer fences and stone walls can be found just off the trails. And if you are very fortunate and walking the trail at the right time of year, you may be able to pick luscious raspberries from long-abandoned vines or possibly spot a deer. 

Last summer Michael and a group of friends and colleagues spent an hour on a portion of the Westminister Woods Subdivision Wetlands trail and experienced an incredible taste of the urban wildlife living there. Birds were singing, frogs were croaking and the breeze rustled the leaves of the tree canopy.  It was interesting to see how a modern subdivision used the natural environment for both practical reasons and recreation for the people living in the city.

In Guelph, we are fortunate to have access to the Westminister Woods trail, in addition to over 1000 hectares of parks and open space; more than 70 km of trails and paths, two rivers and Guelph Lake which is maintained by Grand River Conservation Authority. We also have the renowned University of Guelph Arboretum offering an incredible natural space to anyone looking for a place to get a taste of nature. Ranging from maintained, stroller and wheelchair friendly pathways to wilder trails left almost in their natural state, there is get-outside option for everyone in this town.
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Village by the Arboretum – Guelph



The Village by the Arboretum is a quiet neighbourhood nestled off Stone Road in Guelph’s South end. Neat and tidy homes rest along tree-lined streets in this tranquil part of our city. What really stands out in this pretty neighbourhood though, is the presence of community. More than a quaint name for a neighbourhood, “The Village” lives up to that title for the people who live there.

This is a very caring community, where we all look after each other and help each other out, even with simple things like making soup or take out the garbage for a neighbour.

one resident told us recently.

Developed specifically for the needs of Guelph’s 55+ citizens, The Village welcomed its first homeowners 25 years ago. It is a carefully planned community offering single family homes, townhomes and condominiums with amenities to meet the needs of its residents. A medical centre, spa and general store also call The Village home. Most notable is a community centre that is a hub for an impressive number of clubs and activities.

While buildings, trees and streets make-up the bones of a community, we all know that the heart of that community is made by those who live there. We chatted with a few of the people we’ve helped purchase homes in The Village to find out how they feel about their neighbourhood and why they chose to live in this special part of Guelph.

We chose the village for two main reasons: To be closer to our grandchildren and for the multitude of activities that the Arboretum offers, of which we have taken advantage of. We have been welcomed with open arms in the condos and at the recreational activities.

a happy, active couple shared with us.

The Village offers an array of activities for residents to join, covering the arts, fitness, sport and games as well as quieter leisure activities like a book club and bible study group. Social get-togethers are planned regularly, but quiet enjoyment is also always welcome in the library or café.

“We are so happy and contented here. In the few months since we moved in, we’ve already made some great friends and enjoyed social times at the Village Center. We go swimming at the indoor pool and enjoy walking on the many pathways and routes available,” commented one couple who recently moved to The Village. “Rarely do you go out through the “Village” without bumping into at least one or two people with a cheery “good morning” or “lovely day”.

Everyone we know who lives there, agree that The Village by the Arboretum is a special gem for seniors in our lively city. We love to show it off to people who are considering a move to a community suited to retirement living. Give us a call to find out more about owning a home in The Village within the city.